Oliver Goldsmith pioneered a whole new concept, EYEWEAR

Oliver Goldsmith - Audrey - Aqua Marine
Oliver Goldsmith - Audrey - Black Plum
Oliver Goldsmith - Fuz - Black & Blue
Oliver Goldsmith - Glyn - Blue Seabed
Oliver Goldsmith - Gopas - Got the Blues
Oliver Goldsmith - Lancelot - Matte Jade Frost
Oliver Goldsmith - Lord Goldside - Tortoiseshell
Oliver Goldsmith - Manhattan - Royale
Oliver Goldsmith - Oops - Leopard on Indigo
Oliver Goldsmith - Oops - Navy Canary
Oliver Goldsmith - Sophia - Speckle & Honey
Oliver Goldsmith - Yatton - Snowleopard


The search for perfect sunglasses started over 2000 years ago. Nero wore thick slabs of emerald to shield his eyes from the fierce Roman sun. Henry VIII preferred slivers of coloured glass in a makeshift frame. For centuries Eskimos deflected the glare of sun on snow with blades of hand carved wood. With the age of the motorcar came driving goggles. But it was the stars of the silver screen in the 1930s who gave sunglasses their glamorous image. The late 1950s and 60s heralded a fashion revolution. Alongside the new found freedom to express ourselves through style and clothing came the demand for glasses that turned heads. And that meant eyewear from Oliver Goldsmith.



Oliver Goldsmith has been a family-run business for over 90 years. Founded in 1926 by P. Oliver Goldsmith, the world of spectacles was about to be revolutionised. The limited and unflattering choice of spectacles in the 1930s made wearing glasses a last resort. Materials such as tortoiseshell or metal were either too expensive or too cumbersome. Something more contemporary and innovative was needed. Oliver Goldsmith subsequently struck a deal with a button manufacturer across the street, trading specs for a revolutionary new material called ‘plastic’, he was able to create a range of colours and texture effects for his frames never seen before.


Sunglasses continued to gain high profile status during the 1960’s & 1970’s and a selection of unusual designs started to appear. OG’s were becoming not only a means of protecting eyes from the sun, but also a fashion statement. Dress designers such as Dior and Givenchy commissioned Goldsmith to create frames that would complement their seasonal collections. From bamboo clad to butterfly, tennis racquets to shaped like TV screens, all overtly outrageous but unquestionably striking. OG sunglasses started to garner more publicity than the clothes themselves: A must-have accessory in the making.


These curious frames were designed by Oliver Goldsmith in 1966 for famous London hairdresser Vidal Sassoon. Vidal’s’ hairstyle was designed to support the new seasons high fashion collection by Italian couturier Mila Schon and Oliver Goldsmith was called upon to create a pair of magnificent sunglasses to emphasize the geometric shape. Stylistic, bold and adventurous; they summarize Goldsmith’s relationship with fashion and his ability to push boundaries.


Oliver Goldsmith now produces one of the most historic sunglass collections. The OG ICONS are exact replicas of some of the hundreds
of original OG frames the family hold in their private collection. OG FAMILY are designs directly related to the orginals but with a new fresh aesthetic.

Oliver Goldsmith today remain on the faces of rock stars, movie stars and royalty, with the fashion world embracing the classic timeless designs.