Made in Germany with the most modern technologies and high quality materials

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Since 1946, the Fink Group, consisting of the two companies FLAIR Modellbrillen and bx. eyewear inspirations produces unique designer frames of maximum brand-quality and perfect design, which find their followers in more than 50 countries.

With passion, enthusiasm and more than 120 employees the group creates masterpieces – made in Germany – in the company-surrounded Flairpark, in Oelde, North Rhine-Westphalia and sets standards in the optical sector with innovative ideas and latest technology.

Designers, goldsmiths and colour specialists form the start of a complex production chain – from the idea to the finished style. Around 700 work stages, accurately tailored to each other, are required for each frame. FLAIR employees carefully handcraft these. On the way to quality assurance and dispatch, each piece of eyewear passes through many hands, each contributing to their uniqueness and high quality.



The FLAIRPARK in Oelde is an oasis of quiet and retreat. It is surrounded by a nature reserve – a landscape that brings people and nature closer together. This is where FLAIR manufactures designer glasses that are worn around the world.


Innovative ideas, the most modern technologies, careful handiwork and high quality materials are the trademark of the FLAIR manufacture. This is made possible primarily by an inspiring environment in which ideas can mature in their own time. Ideas that get people excited!


Quality, design and service are fundamental values at FLAIR. Values that can hardly be achieved anywhere better than in Germany, because quality made in Germany has a tradition; a tradition that has been maintained at FLAIR for more than 60 years. The wearer of FLAIR eyewear senses these properties – from the first time they put on the eyewear, and when wearing them on a daily basis. This is an affirmation that is worth something. Values that were created in Germany.


“Made in Germany“ is a promise FROM FLAIR of quality that is lived down to the smallest detail. FLAIR unites handcrafted premium quality with a high level of innovation through the use of the most modern technologies and production processes.

FLAIR takes care of the environment by using natural materials such as bio-acetate and Bio-Steel® for allergy-free, carefree viewing pleasure. Sustainable manufacturing processes are used in production, and the stainless steel is also specially produced for a completely allergy free material.

All in all, the collection combines lightness, wearing comfort and a good feeling.

Flair - Handmade in Germany

Flair Art Couture - Real Gold Decor

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